The Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival (RAD Fest) is an exhilarating weekend of performances, workshops and activities celebrating some of the country's leading innovative voices in modern dance, hosted in Kalamazoo by Wellspring. This exciting event has been held yearly since 2010, with sold-out performances, master classes and social events. All festival activities are open to the public.

The 7th Annual Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival (RAD Fest) will be held on March 18-20, 2016 in the Wellspring Theater in Kalamazoo, MI. Visit the RAD Fest website for festival details.

Choreographer: Cori Terry
Dancers: Alexis Harris, Rachel Miller, Jasmine Statzer, Francesca Pileci-Bates
Costumes: Patricia Plasko
Music: Philip Glass

Choreographer: Barbara Mahler
Dancers: Barbara Mahler
Music: Erik Friedlander

Choreographer: Danielle Selby
Dancers: Sarah Dobson, Patricia Villanueva, Danielle Selby
Music: Xihilisk

Parade of Exaggerated Memories
Choreographer: Treeline Dance Works
Dancers: Cristina Gustaitis, Jenny Showalter
Music: Valgeir Sigurdsson, Victoire

Choreographer: Winifred Haun
Dancers: Sarah Robinson with Simon Baechle, Zada Cheeks, Katie Graves, Matthew McMunn, Mary Kate Sickel, Monica Thom
Costumes: Athena Parke
Sound design: Barry Bennett

She holds these truths
Choreographer: Amy Wilson
Dancers: Carolina Pava, Sarah Powell, Marlee Grace Cook-Parrott, Amy Wilson
Music: expunk

Empty room
Choreographer: Dmitri Peskov
Dancers: Dmitri Peskov
Costumes: Margaret Peskov
Music: Alexander Raskatov

Choreographer: Ericka Vaughn Lashley
Dancers: Natalie Drogos, Megan Melville, Sarah Rabbers, Stephanie Toland, Rachel Nadler
Music: Sondre Lerche

The shining ones
Choreographer: Erin F. Mitchell
Dancers: Erin F. Mitchell, Alexis Harris
Music: Prefuse 73

Choreographer: Carrie Brueck Morris
Dancers: Kelsey Byrd, Carolina Pava, Sarah Powell, Katy Tice
Music: Nostalghia

the keyhole
Choreographer: Christie Zimmerman
Dancers: Susan Koper
Costumes: Maggie Cissell
Music: Frederic Chopin, performed by Konstantin Lifschitz

she weeps
Choreographer: Michael Miller
Dancers: Alexis Harris, Rachel Miller, Francesca Pileci-Bates, Jasmine Statzer
Costumes: Patricia Plasko
Music: Eric Whitacre and BYU choirs

Choreographer: Rachel Miller
Dancers: Michael Miller, Jasmine Statzer, Francesca Pileci-Bates
Music: Flying Saucer Attack, Salaryman

Choreographer: Jennifer Smith with the dancers
Dancers: Emily Berkson, Kelsey Cullum, Kate LaRose, Jenny Linder, Rachel Lyman, Kyla Tully, Kelsey Witzling
Costumes: Allison Smith
Music: Philip Glass

Choreographer: Kristi Faulkner
Dancers: Erika "Red" Stowall, Candice Symone, Jessica Thomas, Kristin Flugaur Wessell

travel by foot
Choreographer: Sarah Zehnder
Dancers: Christina D'Amico, Brigid Gillis, Sarah Morrill, Sarah Zehnder
Music: Radiohead, Bill Withers, Etta James

Choreographer: Shawn T. Bible
Dancers: Kelly Kerastas, Brandon Meier
Music: Dan Becker, Beth Gibbons, Rustin Man

i am fine
Choreographer: Valerie Alpert
Dancers: George Busto, Lamaiya Lancaster
Music: Counting Crows

Destruction/revitalization REPURPOSE
Choreographer: Kendra Ross, Maya Cadwell Stovall
Dancers: Kendra Ross, Maya Cadwell Stovall
Music: Leos Janacek, Maya Cadwell Stovall